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Our dream campus! Combine your tropical vacation with our world-class fitness educations


Our US campus in "the sunshine state" is one of our most popular destinations. Read more and learn why!


Our popular European campus in southern Spain offers great training facilities and 300 sunny days a year.


Our brand new location launching fall 2022. Stay tuned for exciting updates on how to secure your spot.


Super happy! The competence I’ve gained from this course has opened so many doors!

Cathrine Krydsby

Impressive quality on the e-learning material. I never thought learning could be so effective.

Roy Johansen

I can’t recommend this course highly enough. The quality and structure of everything is top notch.

Silje Abrahamsen

Overall high quality on all lectures. Skilled instructors with great personal support. Recommended.

Daniel Larsson

Lives up to their reputation as a high quality program. You really can’t get a better start of your career

Anne Elisabeth

Everything has been of top quality. I’ve learned so incredible much on such short time

Emely Denise Kellett

You will not regret! Top quality and awesome support. Demanding, but so rewarding

Ann Kristin

This is Active Education

Active Education is a global leader in Health & Fitness Education. Our goal is to be in the forefront of teaching innovation, and we take great pride in setting the highest industry standards for the next generation of fitness professionals worldwide.

We have a commitment to create global impact and to provide education and career opportunities for everyone. During the last decade thousands of satisfied students have followed their passion and joined our courses, and we are determined to keep evolving and raising the bar so even more people can fulfill their dream and realize their potential with us.

Together we drive a global change for a more physically active and healthier world. Next generation is now.