The work of a personal trainer and nutrition coach is highly practical. Isn’t it then strange that most of the certification programs available today are focused on theory, reading material and a general lack of face-to-face learning? 

At Active Education we believe in a strong academic foundation combined with extensive practical training. Through our comprehensive online e-learning, you’ll continuously link theory with practical aspects as part of the self-study phase of the course. The two weeks of face-to-face learning – concluding our Advanced PT program – are supervised and guided by experienced instructors and fitness professionals to make sure you achieve the best possible learning outcomes. 



Studying at Active Education is designed for optimal flexibility and convenience for each and every student. This way you can decide on the pace and progress and prepare for the final exams at your desire.

In some courses, you’ll have the option of completing the entire curriculum as well as the exams online. As these programs are great, the core of what we offer is premium blended learning experiences, with an emphasis on working in small groups with highly skilled instructors. 

As a higher education institution, we have practiced the flipped classroom method of teaching since 2008. More than a decade – and several thousand students – later, our teachers and instructors still work hard every day to optimize the way we transfer knowledge and practical skills to the next generation of Fitness Professionals. 

When choosing one of our most popular blended courses (such as the Certified Advanced Personal Trainer course), you’ll go through two integrated phases before the exam:

  1. ONLINE: Sign up and start the course online whenever you want. All modules, lectures, and interactive learning activities are available at all times. You study entirely at your own pace, and you can watch lectures as many times as you wish. The average time to complete the online part of the course is 4-6 months, but you can take as much time as you need. When you feel confident about your level of understanding in each module, you are ready for the second and final part of the program:
  2. PRACTICAL: After completing the online part of the course, you are ready for the final stage that consists of ten days with practical training. You take part in this last part of the curriculum at one of our international locations, and you are free to attend at the destination you desire (see the entire list of places here). 
  3. EXAM: When you’ve completed the ten days of practical teaching, you have two days off before taking the exams on-site (the same location as the practical teaching you’ve just attended). There is one written exam and one practical PT exam. 



Just as we offer flexible learning experiences, we also offer flexible payment plans. Our most popular option is monthly payments over six or twelve months, and you can start for as little as $99 a month. You also have the option of a one-time fee, saving yourself 20% compared to monthly payments. See more detailed information on pricing on each of the course sites.