Our school in Costa del Sol is really a dream destination! Strategically located between Malaga and Marbella, you have the perfect combination of big city life, stunning beaches and first class training facilities. 

With more than 300 sunny days a year, this beautiful coastline really is worth its name. Our students from all over the world rate our Spain campus five (out of five) stars, quickly turning this into our most sought after destination. Have a look for yourself 🔽


To study with us in Spain, you must choose the Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Program. This education includes 14 days of hands-on practical teaching and exams at the campus. All learning activities and exams are included, and you also get access to social activities, excursions, and events as part of the tuition fee. You pay for the accommodation and flight ticket yourself; read more about that below.

The beach can also be a classroom
We use the beach as our classroom as often as we can. Group exercises and partner workouts without equipment is held here.


You must calculate a minimum of 14 days’ stay, but if you have the opportunity to stay a little longer, we highly recommend it. Most of our students are here for about three weeks, some a little longer. Decide on the length of your stay based on how many vacation days you want beyond the period you have to set aside for teaching and exams.

The practical teaching takes place over ten days with two teaching sessions per day, generally from 09.00-12.00 and from 13.00-16.00. Afternoons and evenings are set aside for group work and preparations for the following teaching day.

After the ten days of learning activities, you have two days off to prepare for the exam. We then round off the stay with one practical and one written exam. In total, it is 14 consecutive days that are pretty intensive. Therefore, we recommend that you arrive in Spain a couple of days before the teaching begins so that you can acclimatize and get in the right circadian rhythm.

Traditional gym exercises with equipment at our partner fitness centers.



We have two semesters in Spain; once in the spring and once in the fall. After starting your Advanced Personal Trainer education with us, you´ll receive information about the upcoming dates. You are free to choose the dates ahead in time that suits you the best.

Remember that before you travel to Spain, you must have completed the online part of the education (we recommend 3-6 months for this part).



Flight and hotel are paid for by the students themself, but Active Education assists you with dates, details, and hotel booking if necessary. Most of our students choose to stay at our main partner hotel close to the school and the beach, but we can arrange other accommodation for you if you like.

Your supervisor will be in touch with you as soon as you start the Advanced CPT program, so that you plan your travel well ahead in time.

Most of our students stay at our partner hotel. With great facilities and a perfect location between the school and the beach, you have everything you need within short walking distance.