As a student with Active Education in Spain, you are part of a good study environment, and you are well taken care of and followed closely by our talented staff and teachers throughout your stay. The school is located in modern and functional premises in Fuengirola, not far from Marbella and Malaga on the famous “Costa del Sol” in southern Spain.

You can enjoy nice weather and warm climate no matter the season, and the region we are in has as many as 300 days of sunshine a year. The summer months can get quite hot, but through the fall and spring semester, there are comfortable temperatures that provide a perfect setting for outdoor training – both on the beautiful beaches, in parks and outdoor areas.


The education at the school in Spain is a collaboration between Active Education and Atlantis Medical College (AMH). You will be registered as a student at both schools, and you will receive 30 credits through AMH while the international certifications such as Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer are issued by Active Education in collaboration with Europe Active.

The teaching of the subjects of anatomy and physiology (a total of 30 credits) corresponds to the first half of AMH’s popular annual study in basic medicine, and gives you the opportunity to continue on the second half of this year’s study – either in Spain, online or in Norway.

In addition to the theoretical part of the education, there is extensive practical and training teaching that gives you thorough training in a wide variety of types of training. Basic training is an important part of the study, and we work systematically through everything from basic training, strength training, endurance training, motor / coordination, explosiveness / plyometry, mobility and mobility training as well as alternative forms of training. Through the study we actively use the beaches and the outdoor environment in the warm climate we are in, as well as of course we teach inside the fitness center in all relevant subjects (strength training, Olympic lifting, etc.).

The practical part of the program focuses on teaching you the proper technique and understanding of instruction so that you are best equipped to instruct and teach others the correct training. After completing your education, you will receive international certifications such as Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and you will also have the opportunity to get your own entry in the international register “Register of Exercise Professionals” which makes your competence searchable and valid worldwide.


Our lecturers are known for being among the best in their field of study, and our high quality of teaching is one of the main reasons for the status and popularity of Active Education. Every week we work hard to give all students the best possible follow-up and ensure optimal learning outcomes for the individual.

Our teachers also work actively with career guidance for each student throughout the semester, and we have a goal that all students who want it should go directly to work as an instructor and personal trainer when they finish their studies.


Social is an important part of studying with us in Spain, and we attach great importance to ensuring that each student thrives in a dynamic and active study environment. There are weekly joint social gatherings of various kinds, and weekend trips and excursions are arranged during the semester. There is one week off in the middle of the semester that many people use to travel to experience elsewhere in Spain. Shared exercises and activities such as football and beach volleyball are also an important part of being an Active Education student, and this is often guided by the students themselves throughout the semester.


Airline tickets must be paid for by the individual student, but as always at Active Education’s places of study, a joint flight can be arranged for participation. Then you travel with most others you will study with, and you are picked up at the airport by us and transported to the place of residence. If you want to travel on a different date you can do this, but the requirement is that you show up at the school’s first introduction day at the agreed time.


You can choose to arrange your own accommodation if you wish, but most of our students live at the beautiful apartment hotel Myramar, which is within walking distance of the school and close to the beautiful beach in Fuengirola. Here you can choose between disposing of your own one-bedroom apartment or sharing a slightly larger apartment with a fellow student. Prices start from about 2000 euros per. person for the entire stay in a shared apartment, and the rent includes internet, electricity and heating, as well as washing of the apartment, towels and bed linen.

The student hotel is of a high standard and boasts amenities such as outdoor and indoor pool, paddle tennis courts and fitness room. Within a short walk of the hotel you will find the school, as well as what you need from shops and restaurants. There is also a short walk down to the beach where students can meet for swimming, exercising, running or just to relax and enjoy the nice weather.