The industry-leading education with multiple certifications included. It is designed with maximum flexibility and unlimited student support to ensure that everyone with a passion for health and fitness can get the necessary competence to succeed as a personal trainer.

  • Affordable and flexible, get started for as little as $99
  • Everything included with multiple certificates
  • Industry-leading education
  • Flexible online learning – study from home
  • Start whenever you’re ready
  • No time schedule – study at you own pace
  • Unparalleled support by your personal instructor throughout the course
  • Regular online meetings with your supervisor


With two decades of experience developing leading health and fitness professionals worldwide, we understand better than anyone what it takes to succeed. The Active Education Certified Personal Trainer program aims to be the most extensive and comprehensive fitness education around.

This is not just an ordinary Personal Trainer education. In fact, it is a three-in-one bundle. By completing the course, you’ll receive the following recognition: 

  • Active Education Certified Fitness Assistant (AE L2)
  • Active Education Certified Fitness Instructor (AE L3)
  • Active Education Certified Personal Trainer (AE L4)

In addition, you have the option of including the ACE Personal Trainer Certification by doing a separate exam conducted by the American Council on Exercise.

Active Education is an accredited education partner of the American Council on Exercise. The ACE Personal Trainer Certification Program carried out by Active Education is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the gold standard in the U.S. for assessing fitness and allied health certification programs. It is also recognized globally by leading international standards-setting bodies, including iCREPs and EuropeActive. Passing the ACE exam will give you an additional trusted credential that will pave the way for you to gain employment and help others become more physically active.*

Where can i work as a personal trainer?

Our goal is to design an education that is valid worldwide. However, due to national regulations this course is not valid for work as PT in Norway and Sweden. We therefore have a modified version of this course in Norwegian and Swedish to ensure that your competence is verified and approved in these two countries. Please visit our site in Norway or Sweden to learn more about these specific programs.


Getting started is as easy as signing up on our site. As soon as your payment is processed, your instructor will contact you and get you started with the learning material right away.

What sets us apart is our unique teaching methods provided by some of the best in the field. We combine theory and practice in a way that facilitates learning no matter your background and timeframe.

Remember, you can sign up and start the program whenever you want. All subjects are delivered as a fully digital course, and lectures and interactive learning activities are available at all times. You study entirely at your own pace (average time to complete the course is 4-6 months), and you can watch lectures as many times as you wish. When you feel confident about your level of understanding in each module, you go ahead and schedule your exam (your supervisor will assist you with this).


We are proud to offer the most flexible exam option available for any CPT program. Our digital exam platform makes it possible for you to take the exam from home, as long as you have access to a computer with an internet connection.

The average time to complete the course is 4-6 months, but you are free to spend as much time as you need to gain the necessary level of understanding. When you are ready, your supervisor will arrange everything for you at your convenience.



Tuition for the Certified Personal Trainer study program is affordable and flexible priced to get you started right away. You have the option of:

  • 6 monthly payments at only $249,- a month (for a total of $1494,-)
  • Save 10% by choosing a 3 months payment plan at $448,- a month (for a total of $1344,-), or
  • Save 20% by paying the entire amount in one payment of $1194,-

To get started you pay only $99 as a sign-up fee, and your student supervisor will arrange for access to our learning platform right away. You can decide on your payment plan for the tuition after you’ve signed up, and we will assist you with the choice that is best suited to your needs.

Additional costs is learning material (textbook as hardcopy or e-book) at $130.

The ACE Exam is optional and priced at $349. It can be scheduled after you’ve finished the Active Education exam.