Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost?

    When signing up you pay a start-up-fee of $99. This includes everything to get started right away, including the course literature (value $149).

    Before starting the course, you have the option of paying the tuition in one of the following ways:

    • AE-CPT: Personal Trainer – Premium self-guided study:
      • Tuition paid in full (one payment) = $1194,-
      • 3 monthly payments of $448 = $1344,-
      • 6 monthly payments of $249 = $1494,-

    Tuition includes all teaching, unlimited support, exam fees and the Active Education certifications.

    If you like to add the ACE certification, the cost is USD 499,-, and and can be added at the end of the course. 


      • Registration and enrollment
      • Access to our e-learning platform
      • All video lectures and online classes
      • Exercise library
      • Quizzes and flexible e-learning material
      • Study guide
      • Discussion groups with a teacher and fellow students
      • Your own dedicated tutor
      • Unlimited support
      • Lifetime license (re-certification is only mandatory for the ACE license [voluntary])
      • Exam prep
      • Written exams
      • Practical exams and assessments
      • Censoring and grading
      • International certifications

      Participation in the practical part of the course and the exams at one of our schools around the world is included in the Advanced CPT Diploma course. Travel and accommodation during the two weeks stay on campus will have to be paid for by the student.


  • Do you have any admission requirements?

    No. 😊 Our study programs are open for everyone that have a desire to learn more about nutrition, health and fitness training. However, due to the high academic level of our study programs, we recommend that applicants are at least 18 y.o. We do not have any physical or practical requirements, but we recommend that you have experience with physical activity and training in general.

  • When can I start?

    Anytime you like. Our study programs are flexible and completely without time limits. After you’ve signed up and payed for tuition, you’ll have access to our e-learning platform and can get started on your exiting educational journey.

  • What is the teaching language?

    English.  All lectures, screencasts, videos, exercises, practical training, study material, books and exams is in English. Our teachers, professors and trainers are from all over the world – as is our students. We put great effort in the pedagogical aspects of our multicultural teaching methods, and we are proud that we can  ensure a high level of learning outcome and competence for all students, no matter where you’re from.

  • Do I need to buy any books?

    No, but we highly recommend it. As an trusted ACE Education partner, we base our teaching resources on the Personal Trainer Manual. This is a book that you can buy online (hard copy or e-book) for USD 149,-

    It is not mandatory to buy this book, but it will come in handy and broadly enhance your learning experience.

  • Do you have limited seats for each program?

    Yes.  To ensure optimal quality and learning outcome for each student, our programs have limited seats available. We do this make sure that each and every student receives the necessary tutoring and to keep our classes as small as we can for the practical training. We update the available seats weekly, so check in frequently if your desired program is full at the moment.

  • How and when do I pay for the study program?

    We use Stripe as a payment partner. When signing up through our admission page, you add your credit card details (most cards from all countries are accepted), and the total price for the course is then divided into monthly payments of USD 99,- (Personal Trainer Program) or USD 199,- (Advanced Personal Trainer Program).

  • Is your school and certifications recognized?

    Absolutely! We are dedicated to ensure that our students receive valid and formal competence that is globally recognized and applicable no matter where you live. All our programs are developed at the highest academic level together with leading Universities.

    Active Education is an accredited education partner of the American Council on Exercise. The ACE Personal Trainer Certification Program carried out by Active Education is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the gold standard in the U.S. for assessing fitness and allied health certification programs. It is also recognized globally by leading international standards-setting bodies, including iCREPs and EuropeActive.

    Please note that students from NORWAY and SWEDEN needs to attend the country specific courses. This is due to special regulations in these countries that requires students to be nationally accredited and certified to be able to work as a personal trainer. Please read more in the Norwegian and Swedish webpage.

  • Do you offer career opportunities and job placement?

    Yes! We take great pride in our partnerships with the major fitness clubs around the world. Our mission is to provide students with the best education possible, with a practical and client focused approach so that each and every student can kickstart their career immediately after passing the final exam. In your final stage of your education, you will have your own designated mentor that will work together with you to lead you in the desired and expedient career direction.

  • Is there any need for re-certification?

    No! 😊

    In contrast to most other international personal trainer programs, Active Education issues lifetime license with no obligation to re-certify.

    Please note that if you add the ACE exam and certification, the American Council on Exercise has a two year certification period that you need to maintain through continuing education credits. This is not the case for the Active Education certifications that you receive.

  • Can I study and do the exam 100% online?

    Yes, absolutely! 😊

    Our standard Personal Trainer Certification Program is a complete digital learning experience that you attend from home or wherever you are as long as you have internet access. Our learning platform works on computers, iPads and on your phone so that you can study whenever you want and wherever you are.