Studying at Active Education is designed for optimal flexibility and convenience for every student. This way you can decide on the pace and progress, and prepare for the final exams at your desire.

After signing up for the course that you’ve decided to attend, you are now ready for the two phases of the program:

    1. Online e-learning
      • When payment is registered (usually within 24h), you will immediately have access to all lectures and learning material on our e-learning portal.
      • During the next few months, you progress through the course at your desired pace. There are no set classes to attend, nor any timeline or schedule. It’s all up to you, however, we recommend to spend at least 3 months to make sure you reach the necessary level of competence (usually students spend 4-6 months to complete this part of the program)
    2. Practical training and examination
      • When you have completed the e-learning, you choose your desired location for the 2 weeks of hands-on practical training and exams. We have schools around the world so that you can choose the one that suits you the best. Please consult us for your nearest locations and dates by e-mailing
      • When you have decided on the location, fill out the form, and pay the remaining part of the tuition to complete the registration.
        Now you can go ahead and plan your travel and book flights and accommodation. Active Education collaborates with selected partners on-site for affordable accommodation. Please get in touch with our supervisors if you need any assistance.